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Low stress white-collar jobs with good mental health insurance coverage?

Hi guys. This is my first post here. I have really bad ptsd, anxiety and depression. I am lucky enough to get some of the treatment I need for it. I need to get a job soon though so I can use the health insurance to keep seeing my therapist and earn a  steady income to pay for other treatments.

Does anyone know which organizations/companies/government offices in the Triangle area have good mental health coverage as part of their benefits package? Does anyone here know if the state govt/UNC/NCSU have good mental health coverage?

Do you know what kind of organizations might be a good fit for me? Do you think looking for employment with the state government would be a good idea since the jobs there are usually not as challenging and stressful as jobs with the private sector?

If so, can anyone share with me a good way to break into state govt/university jobs? I've applied to many jobs with UNC but they take a long time to respond, as much as many months, and the answer has consistently been 'no'. Is it easier to get a job with the state govt?

Thanks very much.
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