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Job opening

If interested, let me know, I'll send you contact info for hiring people.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Research and document security fixes based on network scanning results, corporate policies, and industry standards for Security (CERT, RHSA, etc)

  • Automate security solutions where possible for AIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows systems of all flavors. Current solutions exist in perl, STAF, and ksh, therefore a good grasp of these languages and technologies will be favored.

  • Installation and maintenance of Operating Systems - UNIX and Windows

  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of products such as WebSphere App Server, DB2, Oracle, etc

  • Responsible for keeping current with internal security policies and guidelines, including internal validation rules, and ensuring that updated processes are followed among a geographically diverse support base located across the United States in addition to RTP

Additional duties include maintenance of a Lotus Notes knowledge database for reference by end-users for quick fix scripts or instructions following internal security guidelines; training staff on security guidelines; overseeing implementation of security automation; and communication with other security groups

Necessary skills (skills of 1 to 5 specified in parenthesis after each skill - 5 being the highest proficiency, 1 the lowest)

The ideal candidate will be able to quickly learn internal policies and procedures, understanding them well enough to negotiate with policy makers, managers, and end-users about security-related issues. Candidate must be personable and a clear communicator. The ideal candidate will be proficient with one or more of the following: ksh, perl, or STAF/STAX automation. Must be proficient with UNIX, including AIX, Solaris, and Linux. Windows skills are also favored, especially Windows scripting or patch automation. Must be able to follow process documentation. The ability to respond to complex problems with "out of the box" solutions is highly desirable. Candidate should be familiar with Lotus Notes.

Win 200x, XP (4)
AIX vrs 5.X, Solaris 9/10, LINUX (4)
Script language programming (Perl, ksh, Tcl) for sys admin automation (3)
IT Security technology and regulations (userid's, passwords, patching, intrusion, hacking, etc) (3)
WebSphere Application Server vrs 5.X or 6.X (3)
DB2 vrs 8.X and Oracle 9i databases (3)
Written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with teamlead and co-workers (4)
Ability to analyze and draw conclusions from intricate technical issues (4)
Report and take responsibility on enhancing personal productivity (4)

This is not a policy-making position.
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