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Sysadmin/Tester type wanted

The incumbent would need to learn and understand the company’s IT Security requirements and communicate those requirements to the members of several departments in RTP. Would also need to be able to identify and learn available automated systems management tools for use in this environment.

In addition, the person would need to provide the lab support necessary for the test team to meet security compliance requirements for about 150 systems.

Job responsibilities include:
* OS installs
* patching
* backup and restore
* Security compliance (including working with audit teams during validation efforts)
* network scanning and interpreting the results
* inventory management
* some product installs, including WebSphere
* LDAP knowledge is a plus

Skills desired:
* Windows
* Solaris
* Linux

Candidate does not need to be expert in all OSes, although a mixture of Windows and UNIX experience is highly desired.

For more information, including how to apply for the position, contact me in e-mail or reply to this post.
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