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trianglejobs's Journal

Triangle Jobs
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Are you looking for a new job in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)? Know someone who's hiring? This community is for you -- a place to post questions, information, tips and other things related to job hunting in the Triangle area.

This is an open membership community administered by sonria. Please observe the following posting guidelines:
  1. Please keep off-topic posts to a minimum. This includes complaining about your current employer.
  2. All posts are public. This means that posting something disparaging about a person or company can open you up to liability.
  3. Please keep all posts work safe as some members will be accessing from workplace or public computers.
  4. Flaming, trolls and related activities will not be tolerated.
  5. Please use the lj-cut feature for any post containing any sort of graphic or for posts longer than two paragraphs in length.
  6. Moderator decisions are final, although the moderator really hopes she doesn't have to enforce this item.
Happy job hunting!